Erate Form 470 #200021837
Request for Proposal
Posted: February 10, 2020

Contact: Meghan Shively, Technology Director
Meghan.shively@dcmustangs.comPhone: 641-664-2200 x.1202

Category Two: Internal Connections
RFP released at: https://www.dcmustangs.com/erate-2020-2021-a
Service: Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)/Battery Backup
Quantity and/or Capacity:
Qty: 3;
Capacity: No less than 3000w for 30 minutes up-time
Davis County Elementary School, 500 E. North St, Bloomfield, IA 52537,
Davis County Middle School, 500 E. North St., Bloomfield, IA 52537,
Davis County High School, 503 E. Locust St., Bloomfield, IA 52537

Narrative: Each UPS must be capable of maintaining at least 3,000w for thirty minutes. Must have at least 6 outlets for supported equipment. Must be rack mountable and have network management. Must have a standard wall plug.

All vendor communication will be posted and addressed via the Question and Answer page, please check often for updates. https://www.dcmustangs.com/erate-2020-2021-a


Proposals are due 28 days after posting RFP; Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

Please submit proposals to Meghan Shively.
Via email: Meghan.shively@dcmustangs.com
Via mail: Davis County Middle School, Attn: Meghan Shively, 500 E. North St., Bloomfield, IA 52537

Contracts will be awarded based on a rubric with cost being the most heavily weighted.

Project will move forward based on:
1) approval of eRate funding,
2) availability of district funding, and
3) approval of district funding. 


Question & Answer Dialog (updated 3/4/2020)

Q. The highest capacity we can support with a 120V 30A outlet is 2880W UPS /3000VA. The UPS is rated at 3000VA with a power factor of .96. We are limited to 2880W due to UL certification. In order to support 3000W or larger load, we will need a 208/240V 30A L6-30 outlet;
a. Can you support 208/240V 30A L6-30 outlet in the 3 locations above?
b. Or will 2880W meet your needs?

AWe cannot support 208/240V 30A L6-30 outlets in these locations. 2880W will meet our needs.

You have listed that installation is required. What would you like installation to include in each project?

A. I will physically install the device on-site. Please include any initial configuration that needs to be done in the form of time. This may be completed via remote session or conference call.