4-Day School Week Study

Davis County Schools is studying the concept of implementing a 4-day school week for the 2023-2024 school year.
The district has formed a community study group comprised of parents, school staff, business leaders, and community members. This study group will be learning from other districts who have implemented a 4-day school week to determine if a 4-day school week should be recommended to the Board of Education for adoption. The community is invited to learn more about the 4-day school week through the resources provided and view panel discussions. The community is also encouraged to provide feedback by participating in surveys, talking with committee members, and attending one or more of the scheduled town hall meetings.

Intro Video

School Board Vice-President, Joni Helton, and Elementary Principal, Kyle Steffen, provide an overview of the 4-day school week study.



District Steering Committee

Joni Helton

Dan Maeder

Joy Orwig

Natasha Schafer

Kyle Steffen

Becky Zesiger

Community Study Group

Laura Beggs

Meg Benge

Kaylie Boas

Kim Byrd

Cayli Carlson

Trudi Dunlavy

Zach Dunlavy

Amy Fellinger

Matt Froah

Lexis Frymoyer

Alexis Henderson

Danelle Howard

Bailey Hunter

Debbie Jarr

Hannah Johnson

Jon Klaus

Rick Lynch

Tyler McClure

Stephanie Milder

Angie Phillips

Devyn Pitlick

Greg Proctor

Tammy Roberts

Taylor Sessions

Meghan Shively

Teran Sorensen

Andy Summers

Nikki Thordarson

Don Walton

Traci Wiegand

Brent Wuthrich

Alan Yahnke



Topic/Zoom Link

Discussion Questions



Nuts & Bolts of a 4-Day School Week
Listen in as districts already using a 4-day schedule share their experiences with a 4-day week calendar. This session will help answer general questions.

Panel 1 Questions

Panel 1 Recording


Impact on Student Achievement and Well-Being

Panel 2 Questions

Panel 2 Recording


Impact on Families and Businesses

Panel 3 Questions

Panel 3 Recording

Community Feedback/Survey

Survey 1: Initial 4-Day Week Survey [Closes 1/18/23 4:00PM]

Survey 2:


Coming soon...

Last updated 1/25/2023