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2024-2025 eRate RFP Information
Form 470s #240010642 (top) and #240010698 (bottom)
Question & Answer Page

Here you will find our posted Request for Proposal for eRate Category 2 services.
All vendor communication will be posted and addressed here on the Question & Answer page.
It is the responsibility of the vendor to check back frequently for updates.

Form 470 #240010642 - Category 1(A)
Click here for RFP #240010642.

Q: Can you please confirm you need 10-Gbps internet connections at each of the locations listed? Or, is the internet to one of the locations, and if so, can you please confirm the address?
A: Please provide a cost for both 1Gbps and 10Gbps internet connection (for cost comparison) at each location.
A: A direct internet connection is needed at each address listed.

Q: Can you please also confirm what location is the (hub) location/address for the lit fiber circuit?
Physical Education & Activity Facility West - 20833 Old Hwy, Bloomfield, IA
Physical Education & Activity Facility South East - 504 E Locust St., Bloomfield, IA
Education Facility North East - 200 N. East St., Bloomfield, IA (Hub?)
Automotive Education Facility - 106 S. Dodge St., Bloomfield, IA
A: The hub of the network is at a different location (not listed). Each of the addresses listed will communicate back to the network hub through a firewall.

Form 470 #240010698 - Category 2(A)
Click here for RFP #240010698.



Updated 1/5/2024