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Statement on Continuous Learning

We know these are truly challenging and unprecedented times!  We want to be clear about our beliefs around continuous learning during this closure.  The last thing we expect parents/guardians to do is replace teachers. You already have work you need to do and you’ve added caring for your children to that load.  We believe there are many ways that students will continue to learn even without daily assignments or packets from their teachers. Our district has decided to provide age-appropriate, high-quality on-line resources that you might choose to have your children engage with for part of each day.  These links are meant to support your family, not create an extra burden. We know that not every link will appeal to every learner, but we do think that there are choices that will make finding something students like fairly easy.  

We also want to be clear that these learning activities are suggestions that will help students stay academically active during the school closure.  None of these activities will be assessed or used as a measure of student learning.  We are not mandating use of these materials. We strongly encourage you to have your students explore the resources we’ve provided on the resource pages, Google Classroom pages, and through Mustang Challenges soon to be posted through the district FaceBook page.  

Our first priority when this all began was the health and safety of all of our students and community in general.  We spent the first couple of days figuring out how to get food to students and developing plans for students and staff to safely enter the buildings to get anything they might have left behind.  We know that the health and emotional safety of your family is also your number one priority. Like all of you, school leaders are taking this time to reconnect with family and slowing down while taking the time to talk together, cook together, eat together, walk together and take care of what really matters - family.  We will get through this together! One School, One Community, One Goal...The Best That We Can Be! 


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