Why should you go vote on November 2? 

You can help Davis County students have new and improved structures and equipment to improve their learning environment.

By going to vote you can help our school stay in the State Secure an Advanced Vision for Education Fund or the SAVE Fund. This Fund helps schools pay for things such as LED lighting in the elementary and middle school, new weight room, multi-purpose room renovations, renovations to the support service building, and so much more.

In order for the school to continue getting SAVE Funds they need to keep the Revenue Purpose Statement or RPS. By keeping this RPS our district will be able to continue making schools better for learning and extracurricular activities.

Where do the SAVE Funds come from?

SAVE Funds come from sales tax money not property money so keeping SAVE Funds will not affect your taxes. Going to the polls on November 2 can allow our school to continue renovations in support of education for the children of Davis County.

A message from DCHS Business Communications Class